Translation and Interpreting

Skills development in translation and development

Celebration of International Translation Day

Monitoring the use of translation and interpreting facilities

Technical support to provincial language committees.

Linguistics Human Rights and Mediation

To facilitate investigations of linguistic human rights violations and to publish findings by the Hearing Committee.

To raise awareness in order to influence and promote multilingualism in all organs of society through effective protection and promotion of linguistics human rights.

To provide legal services for the Board, Chief Executive Officer, office staff and PanSALB structures.

To act as an agent of change in assisting those who violate language rights.

To commission, studies into complaints etc.

Language in Education

To establish and maintain strategic partnerships and networks with the national and provincial departments of education.

To create a climate conducive to the successful implementation of the Language in Education and the Higher Education Policies in the provinces.

To identify strategic projects for the development of marginalized languages.

To create a climate conducive to the advancement of the Language in Education Policy and Multilingualism in education.

To identify mechanisms to promote all languages in education.

Research and Development

To assist in initiating studies and projects

To manage all PanSALB projects.

To develop and maintain a database of funded projects

To develop guidelines for project proposal writing

To coordinate applications for financial support

To provide support to National Language Bodies(NLBs) and Board members

To cooperate with both national and international research and funding bodies.

Standardization and Terminology Development

Provide technical guidance to NLBs

Ensure that the nine African language NLBs revise the spelling and orthography rules of their respective languages.

Set primary standardization processes in place

Set primary terminology development processes in place

Development Of Literature

To support reading clubs in order to encourage a culture of reading

To interact with writers’guilds

To hold workshops on selection criteria for the the prescription of books

To hold literary awards in conjunction with NLBs

National Language Bodies

To initiate and implement projects that promote languages

To identify development needs of these languages

To raise funds for recording languages that have small number of speakers left (Khoe and San), to avoid extinction.

National Lexicography Units

To accelerate the production of dictionaries The purpose of the Pan South African Language Board is to promotemultilingualism in South Africa by:

Creating the conditions for the development of and the equal use of all official languages;

Fostering respect for and encouraging the use of other languages in the country;

Encouraging the best use of the country’s linguistic resources, in order to enable South Africans to free themselves from all forms of linguistic discrimination, domination and division and to enable them to exercise appropriate linguistic choices for their own well being as well as for national development.